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Why hire a Lawwave Trainee?
Lawwave Trainees, trained and certified as Lawwave Corporate and LPO Training Program professionals, have a competitive edge over the regular candidates and represent the niche talent pool in the legal job market. We would like to present the features of our training program that add credibility to the trainee’s skill set and resume. We believe that this information will help our clients in recognizing Lawwave Recruitment as a premium resource portal and Lawwave trainees as value added resources to their firm.


 The curriculum followed by most of the legal institutions does not provide coverage wide enough to include international legal practices. Through our training program we help in creating successful next-generation lawyers who learn to explore beyond the limitations of knowledge set by the regional nature of legal education.

 The program offers exclusive career-counseling, resume-building and interviewing sessions for the candidates.

 The main highlight of the program is complimentary LPO project exposure which offers the candidates with live LPO research and review assignments to work on. It helps the candidates develop a keen practical insight about the functioning of the LPOs and corporate before they step into the industry.

 We have a dynamic course content shaped by the needs of the corporate legal departments, LPOs and law firms in Asia. Following are the different training modules:

  • Legal research and citations
  • Legal drafting and writing
  • Civil procedure in US & UK (reading and interpretation of US/UK cases)
  • Different court systems, legal phrases and online legal research tools
  • IP research tools and the IP tasks that generate revenue
  • Litigation support tools and tasks
  • E-discovery technology and tools & its benefit to the global lawyer
  • Ethics, Unauthorized Practice of Law, Rules for data security, Sarbanes Oxley implications

 Our course structure and material are designed and delivered by US legal professionals and academicians.

 The popularity of this program is further reflected in the testimonials from the law school administration and corporate counsels of multinational corporations.

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