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Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO Services)
The internet and real-time modern communication networks have enabled market research, administrative support, business process outsourcing and other back office services to be outsourced to offshore locations capable of utilizing time zone efficiencies and reducing your firm's costs. With the advantages of faster turnaround time and lower costs, your business can reduce operating costs while maintaining your commitment to quality customer service. Our staff is trained to utilize advanced knowledge databases such as Dunn and Bradstreet, Lexis, LiveEdgar, and Factiva, along with financial databases, including Bloomberg, Streetaccounts and Big Dough, to perform any search your business requires.
How We Help You Grow
Information Access & Solutions

Are you starting a new business? Do you need a list of potential clients and target markets? Do you need research on potential business partners? Are you looking to register your business in a growing market, such as India, China or elsewhere? Do you need competitor research? If so, let Lawwave's professionals help your business grow.

Our team has access to credit, business and legal databases in the U.S. and Southeast Asia capable of providing exactly the information you need. As businesses expand their capabilities and offerings, knowledge becomes critical to success; we can get you the knowledge you need to succeed in today's changing markets. Consider us your corporate library capable of providing the knowledge and contacts your business demands.

Customized Survey

Lawwave's business information team can also conduct customized market surveys to gather primary industry, sector and company data for financial firms and retail industries. We design campaigns, produce questionnaires and contact individuals to obtain the information you need.

Competitor Analysis

Your market is constantly changing. Lawwave's team of MBA's and other professionals can deliver the competitive edge that will keep you ahead of your competitors. We perform research on your competitors and prepare marketing matrices that bring market intelligence to your fingertips, including "SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis", "Boston Matrix", "Porter's Five Forces matrix", and "Marketing Mix Matrix." Our team can research your market size, market share, historical trends, growth numbers, and the profitability of new players and new markets.

Research Analyst Support

Our team of business experts supports U.S. research analysts in researching, proofreading, summarizing and publishing research reports from our offshore location. We can provide quality research support for your business by gathering and analyzing company and industry data. This research is used in company valuations, issuing upgrades and downgrades, scenario analysis, ROI analysis, debt structure analysis, cost of capital analysis, ratio and trends analysis and business case development.

Market Research Reports and Market Data Services

Our market data team supports several sales and trading desks in brokerage houses by supplying critical information, making it easier for traders and portfolio managers to make the right decisions. We perform market research in vertical industries, including technology, finance, telecommunications, and biotechnology, thereby bringing current industry data to our clients. We provide our financial institution clients with real-time and mission critical information when they need it most.

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