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LPO Training
I am a senior attorney with more than 10 year of experience. What is the opportunity for me in the LPO field? Is LPO training meant for me?

Some senior attorney's exposure to large law firms and corporate work environment makes them ideal candidate for LPO related work. However, several senior attorneys prefer to continue in their existing career paths as they do not want to give up the work experience or the practice that they have built for themselves over years. As previously mentioned the flow of work and the deadline oriented environment is much suited for junior attorneys.

However senior attorneys with relevant skill set, especially managerial and quality control experience are required for producing quality work product, training of employees and most importantly client communication.

How do I know whether a particular LPO will give me the opportunity to grow in the field that I want? What if I am already in a specialized field- do I need LPO training?

This is a very relevant question. Most LPO's are doing everything. From IP works to legal research, to litigation support to other administrative and review tasks. Let us consider that you want to become an IP professional and that is your goal and you have education and work experience to support that.

As an employee of a IP firm or IP division of a corporate you probably do not require this training. But if you want to get exposure and move to say managerial cadre in an LPO in the future, this knowledge will come in handy. Let us assume a scenario that for some reason in the future the IP market is down and new employment does not get generated in the future. In that case also it is better to have some diverse knowledge. They say that knowledge never goes waste.

Another example is an IP attorney called to do e-discovery in an IP licensing litigation. Several processes, tools and technologies may not be familiar to the attorney if he does not have e-discovery experience. So additional knowledge may come in handy as the 'hot areas' may change in the coming few years.

It is highly advisable for a specialized attorney to do thorough research on the work profile of an LPO or a corporate before they decide to join.

Complimentary Internship Program. Never heard of it. What is it about?

At Lawwave we conceptualized the training program not just to deliver the best possible training but also to help trainees get exposure to real-time LPO projects. Lawwave is a legal outsourcing firm and its name prominently features in the list of top legal vendors in the 'Black Book of Outsourcing'. We offer a complimentary internship program for those who want to get some hands on experience. Several trainees like this as they are not only developing skills through training but also getting a chance to use those skills and test them in an actual work environment. Our training program also includes resume building and mock-interview sessions. In addition Lawwave is going to help the trainees by referring them to its corporate sponsors and other LPO providers (for job interviews) who have a need for talent.

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